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Are you looking for a web development company that can help your business succeed online?
If the answer is yes, then Market Pipeline is the web solutions provider for you.


We are a web design and development company that can solve all of your online needs. We can create a website that meets your marketing goals and answers your customer’s questions. Our websites are also search engine friendly which means that when a potential customer does a search related to your products and services, your website will be easily found. This can lead to more quality leads and greater sales.

Not only do we build and maintain great looking websites, but we also offer an award winning Content Management System. Our customizable Content Management System allows your staff to easily update and add content to your website without the cost of an in house web developer.


How to Get Started

It begins with an HONEST ASSESSMENT.


Is your industrial brand strong?


Is your web site highly visible for your industrial companies’ critical keywords?


Does your web site invite prospects to select your company over your competitors?

Over the years we have seen many businesses absolutely stuck in cement trying to make a large cultural leap into a new channel to market their products and services… the World Wide Web! We understand. We have worked with several 3rd generation manufacturers that developed their websites so that the content could be printed because the President or owners could not turn on a computer. True story!

We are currently working with an industrial client that took 10 years to finally make a decision to develop an e-commerce website. Yes…we are patient. We start with an FREE consultation. We talk about your business and how you go to market with your products. We talk about business reasons to be on the web, not PHP, SQL or wikis. We keep it simple.

Contact us today for a FREE consultation. You receive the following:

  • A phone call with an experienced industrial marketer well-versed in web marketing. You may view my blog at www.industrial-internet-marketer.com
  • A critical evaluation of your current web site and web marketing efforts…and we will send you a FREE report with actionable suggestions.
  • We will suggest ways to improve your industrial marketing efforts that you could implement right away.

Your FREE Assessment does not come with any obligations. This is NOT a sales call and we will use our industrial web marketing experience and give your company an honest assessment compared to other, best-of-class, industrial marketers. Call us at 269-321-7500


Content Management System

We’ll build your website so you can administer it without calling in outside help.

At Market Pipeline we believe you should be in constant control of your Web content. Both your Web site’s visitors and the search engines demand it. Moving forward your most customer-facing sales material will be your Web site. It is critical that the marketing folks have control of the content on your Web site.

Market Pipeline will build your Web site with an easy to use administration panel or content management system (CMS) that helps you manage your content. Know how to use a word processor? Then you can edit your own Web site. You might even begin to think you are a computer geek.

Web Hosting Services

Market Pipeline will ensure that your site gets quality support, quality analytics, 24/7

We feel your pain. Over the years we have rescued many businesses that needed their e-mail fixed and they have no idea who to call or their domain registration expired and the person that built the first website is no longer anywhere to be found.

Moving your website to Market Pipeline servers gives you quality support and allows us to use the latest in web analytics to improve performance of your web marketing effort. We have staff network specialists that can help with technical issues related to hosting.


UPS and generator back up on our servers


Redundant networks and servers


Daily backups of your website


Flood proof


99.9% uptime


24/7 support

One call does it all!

Simplify your life, give us a call. We will host your site, we will keep track of your domain registration, we will back up your website, and we will host and maintain your e-mail service. Simple…right?

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

–Steve Jobs